composer of modern ambient, drone, cinematic electronics



Sound Designer, Guitarist, demo artist


Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks


using guitar, loops, synths and pedals Anne Sulikowski creates a unique sonic landscape. an illustrative textured drone emerges through her cinematic sounds. as a composer she paints with tone, recording endless imaginary soundtracks designed to share her daydreams with the listeners. 





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Driveway stars

limited edition of 30 cassette


'Driveway Stars' is the latest album by Hamilton, Ontario-based multi-instrumentalist, Anne Sulikowski. Releasing music under the name Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks, Sulikowski creates mesmerising guitar-based music, psychedelic soundscapes, and abstract aural experiences. 

Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks joins the RTR discography with the album 'Driveway Stars', having appeared earlier in RTR mixes throughout 2018. Anne features on the front cover of the album, pictured in her well-supplied home studio filled with guitars, synths, and an extensive collection of effects pedals, some of which can be heard throughout the album. For those who have followed Anne on various platforms over the years, 'Driveway Stars' holds all of the quality and explorative approach to music making that we know so well.



Your Skin, My Mask



A collection of slasher drones

The premise of these recordings are the traumatic histories involved with horror movie "slashers". In real life I work as a nurse on a forensic assessment unit and have seen how dissociation can lead to major psychosis, which then paves the way for offending. I have worked with many violent/sexual offenders who have incredibly horrific and painful past histories. 

I often wonder if removing these histories would have resulted in a totally different person.


to dream outside the lines

limited edition, available through do you dream of noise records.